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Eclipse with family


The eclipse weekend was the most memorable weekend of my life! Jennifer and I, navigating the journey of becoming grandma and grandpa, welcomed all our kids and grandkids, transforming our home into a bustling hub of family activity. Saturday turned into an impromptu family work day since our Dig Dig employees were off on spring… continue reading

Wife’s Birthday Present

March 20th is a significant date in our home – it marks my wife Jennifer’s birthday, and this year, she’s hitting the milestone of the big double nickel! However, over time, we’ve veered away from traditional gift-giving practices after I exchanged a craftsman socket set gift for a John Deere riding lawn mower. Our gift-giving… continue reading

Tonka Steel Classics

On a day that began like any other at Dig Dig, with my quiet approach from the rear parking lot (a stark contrast to my son’s preference for the limelight of the front spots), an unexpected scene unfolded. I arrived to find my son, Justin, in the midst of a Herculean effort. He was attempting… continue reading

Modern Parenting

I appreciate how Walmart transforms into a calmer, more leisurely place on Sunday mornings, offering a much-needed reprieve from the usual hustle and bustle. However, this serene atmosphere doesn’t seem to apply to my wife, Jennifer, who, undeterred, darts through the aisles ahead of me, speed-walking like a contestant in a supermarket sweepstakes. Meanwhile, I’m… continue reading

Dads: the original construction crew

Dads: The Original Construction Crew for a Kid’s Life

Dads are the original construction crew for a kid’s life. Fathers are like the foremen on the construction site of childhood. They’re there to make sure the foundation is solid, the framework is sturdy, and that every emotional pipe is properly installed. It’s a job that can seriously shape the future skyscraper (a.k.a. the adult… continue reading

Sensory play during Developmental Disability Awareness Month at Dig Dig for Kids

Developmental Disability Awareness Month

It’s Developmental Disability Awareness Month, and at Dig Dig for Kids, we’re proud to offer sensory hours from 2-4pm every Tuesday and Thursday throughout March! These hours are designed to provide families with a quieter and more spacious environment. Reservations are limited during these times to ensure a comfortable experience for all. Play passes are… continue reading

Total Eclipse – April 8, 2024

So, you’ve got your calendar circled for the total eclipse, and your excitement level is soaring for the big day. But hold on to your bucket truck, and here’s the scoop!  The number one tip for eclipse day is… drum roll….  Stay Home!  Yes, you heard that right. Don’t join the chaos on the highways,… continue reading

Can’t Miss Events

Exciting news, fellow adventurers! Dig Dig for Kids has been featured as one of the “5 Can’t Miss Events for January 2024” on Fox59. We’re thrilled to be with this momentous recognition with our incredible community. Click here to check out the full video! A Winter Wonderland of Play: In the above video segment, Indy… continue reading

Winter Break Fun

Some winter break fun is just around the corner, and we’ve got your family covered for a season of indoor adventures! Dig Dig for Kids, located at 12800 Ford Drive in Fishers, is your go-to destination for a winter break filled with joy and excitement. As the year comes to a close, why not kickstart… continue reading

Christmas Hours

The holiday season is in full swing, and at Dig Dig for Kids, we’re spreading the festive cheer with special Christmas hours! Whether you’re looking for a unique post-Christmas activity or planning ahead for some winter break fun, we’ve got you covered. Our Christmas morning slots are filling up quickly, so if you want to… continue reading