Sensory play during Developmental Disability Awareness Month at Dig Dig for Kids

It’s Developmental Disability Awareness Month, and at Dig Dig for Kids, we’re proud to offer sensory hours from 2-4pm every Tuesday and Thursday throughout March! These hours are designed to provide families with a quieter and more spacious environment. Reservations are limited during these times to ensure a comfortable experience for all.

Play passes are valid during sensory hours, and pricing remains the same as our normal store hours. To secure your spot, reservations can be made via email ( or by phone (317-827-2087).

During Developmental Disability Awareness Month, we recognize the importance of advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities. By raising awareness and fostering understanding, we can create a more inclusive and supportive community for everyone. Join us in spreading awareness, educating ourselves, and showing compassion towards individuals with developmental disabilities. Together, we can make a difference in advocating for their rights and needs not only this month but beyond.

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