Eclipse with family

The eclipse weekend was the most memorable weekend of my life! Jennifer and I, navigating the journey of becoming grandma and grandpa, welcomed all our kids and grandkids, transforming our home into a bustling hub of family activity. Saturday turned into an impromptu family work day since our Dig Dig employees were off on spring break. It was truly a family-run affair that day. After tidying up from the last party, we gathered in Dig Dig’s party room for a delightful dinner while passionately cheering on Purdue as they advanced to the finals. With a spread of cold cuts and the kids happily engrossed in the sandbox, the experience honestly surpassed the comfort of lounging in our own living room.

After making my airport drop-offs (my inherited role after 6 years of driving for Uber),
Jennifer and I resumed our roles as empty nesters—not too shabby, I must say! Spring
brought refreshing bike rides and tinkering with new sandbox toys. Hint – new
fabricated sand toy coming soon!

As things quieted down, I had some time to reflect on my grandpa skills. And let’s be honest, in the world of grandparenting, you’re judged by one tough crowd—your grandkids. From their eyes, you usually have two different grandpas: the super fun one and the okay one. I know where I’m headed if I don’t improve in the likeability

The Lomax men

Back when my kids were little, I was practically a fixture at work—so much so that I might’ve neglected to hone my dad skills. Take, for instance, that classic oops moment when Justin was two. I accidentally left him parked in a shopping cart in the electronics aisle while I got distracted by the latest PlayStation 2 display. It wasn’t until Jennifer rounded the corner with that mom look that it hit me: I was supposed to be watching Justin! Cue a frantic scramble, with my parents on high alert at the front door, as we retraced my steps. And there he was, cool as a cucumber, still in the cart, probably wondering if his next birthday gift was going to be a PlayStation.

So now as a Grandpa of 4, soon to be 5, I admit, I haven’t gotten off to the best start. I’ve got a bit of a baby phobia. Just the thought of holding them makes me break out in a cold sweat, haunted by visions of potential mishaps. Hence, while there aren’t many photos of me cradling my grandkids, when I do attempt a cuddle, it’s like paparazzi at a movie premiere—definitely not helping my nerves. Dropping a grandkid is the last thing I want to go viral!

As my grandkids grow into their toddler years, it’s time for me to step up my grandpa game. I want to be the “fun to be with” grandpa.  Like my favorite Grandpa Lonnie. He lived right next to the railroad tracks, in a home he built himself.  My best memories involve walking those tracks, looking for rail spikes and flattening pennies.Additionally, I loved just playing in the dirt, whether it was building roads with stick curbs or digging holes. Grandpa Lonnie even turned it into a fun IQ test with two holes in the ground.

Billy playing in the dirt

And then there was turning over rocks—according to Grandpa, you never knew what was living under there. Ants were always a thrill, especially with Grandpa’s magnifying glass on a sunny day, though in hindsight, that was a bit morbid. But finding a roly-poly and sharing in Grandpa’s excitement? Priceless.

So, without putting too much pressure on myself, I’m channeling my inner Grandpa Lonnie. Whenever the chance pops up, I’m diving right in—ready to lean in and teach them the fine art of exploration. After all, sometimes getting down to a child’s level and sharing in their wonder is the ultimate grandpa move. Moreover, it’s not just about turning over rocks; it’s about turning those moments into memories, peppered with laughter and the occasional “Wow, look at that!” Trust me, mastering the art of grandpa-ing might just be the coolest project at Dig Dig yet.

Family at Dig Dig

Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm
Saturday: 8am-8pm
Sunday: closed

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